How we do what we do is what sets us apart from the rest. As a family, we share over seven generations of smallgoods and butchery tradition, skill and knowledge. It’s in our blood.

It starts with the best quality ingredients. We source meat from some of Australia’s best producers, who rear their animals to be the best in their category. We have a close relationship the farmer or producer of each an every piece of produce that comes into the shop.

Our suppliers include: 100% grass fed natural beef, Gundooee organic wagyu, Bangalow sweet pork, Borrowdale free range pork, Talucapark free range.

We receive carcasses whole and break them down ourselves, which is steadily becoming a lost art. We can tell you how each animal was raised, kept, fed and the qualities of each breed. Our preference is to choose animals that are pasture-fed and raised in a free-range environment because we believe it makes a better product. These animals are free from added growth hormones or therapeutic antibiotics and the meat is dry aged for several days before being processed. This gives the meat a more tender eating quality and better flavour.

We produce all of our own smallgoods from these pieces of prime Australian produce, from bacon to salami, ham, lardo, bresaola and more - no part of the animal is ever wasted. As a specialty butcher, we pride ourselves on being able to help you source specialty items and cut meat to your specifications on request.